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Oct 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
quote, president obama can't wait to get americans addicted to crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care. addicted to crack cocaine, comparing health care opportunity to getting hooked on crack cocaine. let's remember this comes from the same esteemed member of congress who once said that obama care, quote, literally kills people. but the nastiness doesn't end there. here's rush limbaugh today. >> school kids, i found out, still going to get breakfast, lunch, snack, ecstasy, whatever else they get. all of the welfare checks and all of the food stamp cards are still usable. they have not been shut down. everybody in obama's base depending on government is going to have a fine day. >> so what's with all this coded language? food stamps, drugs, slavery. is this really about the health care bill? or is it about something more personal? and ugly. joining me now is dana mil bank and joe madison. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> joe, this is a pattern now, so what's behind this talk. >> let me tell you, they just can't stand the fact that they've got a very start
Oct 2, 2013 1:00pm PDT
quote cruz and president obama's shutdown. i think ted cruz's tactics were wrong. there's no honor in charging a hill that you know you can't take, only casualties, although ted cruz maybe got name recognition and money along the way. >> he's the leader of the republican party. >> i don't think so.
FOX News
Sep 28, 2013 11:00am PDT
medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >>> this week, get ready for obama care. a look at what to expect when the health insurance exchanges go live on tuesday. plus, he's the man at the center of the budget showdown. just what did senator cruz accomplish this week? and president obama speaks to iran's rohani but will nuclear negotiations be different this time around? >>> welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. well, are you ready for obama care? with health insurance exchanges set to open. waiting to find out just who will sign up and what premiums they'll pay. president obama said this week he has no doubt it will succeed. >> what we are confident about is when people look and see they can get high quality affordable health care for less than their cell phone bill, they're going to sign up. >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist and deputy editor dan henninger. so, joe, you heard the president's optimism. what do you expect to happen on tuesday? >> well, i think we're expecting a very choppy rollout here. very disruptive. we've see
Sep 30, 2013 1:00pm PDT
up for obama care through state-run exchanges. now, either one will be catastrophic depending on who you talk to. behind me at the capitol building, senate democrats just sent back a temporary spending bill to republicans after stripping out provisions the gop put in over the weekend, particularly one that delays obama care for a year. now republicans are preparing to respond with another vote but have very little time left before the midnight deadline. this kind of bickering is one of the things people hate about this town. we are releasing brand new poll numbers right now and the approval rating for congress is at an all-time low, just 10%. though that is still 10% above the approval ratings for, say, parking tickets and popup ads and skin rashes. congress has that going for it. it is still the lowest we have ever seen in a cnn poll in terms of the approval rating of congress. we are also releasing new approval poll numbers for president obama. they have remained mostly unchanged since june, dropping only a point to 44%. still, most americans, 53% disapprove of the way president ob
Sep 30, 2013 6:00pm PDT
with president obama. it is not clear if they will speak again tonight as the clock ticks away. that does it for this edition of "360," ten hours away, from the looming shutdown. piers morgan starts right now. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >>> this is "piers morgan tonight." the house votes another bill that would fund the government but delay obama care, that bill is certain to be rejected. an imminent shutdown, now only three hours away, we'll see the effects right away. some of the most iconic items in the u.s. locked down, the statue of liberty, the face of liberty to many around the world, the gate ways, the arch, closed. many working for the government about to be furloughed. listen clearly to a frustrated president obama earlier. >> the shutdown will have a very real economic impact on real people. right away. >> here are the numbers, the shutdown could cost a billion a week in lost pay for federal workers. of course, congress itself will continue to be paid. but the total impact could be ten times worse, the estimates of the shutdown could cost the economy $5 billion. the crucial
Sep 30, 2013 6:30pm EDT
is against delaying obama care. also club for growth andrew ross, who wants to appeal obama care. welcome both of you. it seems that sanity is starting to break out in congress. i believe in majority rule. you guys can go back to fighting obama care, are you for majority rule? >> i thought you were talking about the house bill being a good deal. i think that getting rid of the mobile subsidy has wide support by america. that's a 90/10 issue. >> i gill what's happening now is you might think it's great, you have a bunch of republican moderates trying to get a clean resolution passed. i'm curious, from your point of view, we are supposed to be majority rule in the house of representatives, the hastert rule, which says all the republicans have to get along with it. that's not in the constitution anywhere. why wouldn't you support a clean resolution now. haven't you made your point? >> i wouldn't support it, because it goes contrary to my principles. >> if it goes -- if boehner decides to bring it up and majority rule passes, that's fine, but there's going to be consequences for the republica
FOX News
Sep 27, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. president obama delivered remarks at the white house after the senate voted to advance legislation to prevent a government shutdown. democrats succeeded in stripping that from the bill, but legislation faces an uncertain fate in the republican-controlled house. here's obama stepping up the pressure on them. >> the good news is, within the past couple of hour, the united states senate, democrats and republicans, acted responsibly by voting to keep our government open and delivering the services the american people expect. now it's up to the republicans in the house to do the same. so far, the republicans in the house of representatives have refused to move forward. the house of representatives are so concerned with appeasing the tea party that they've threatened the government shutdown or worse unless i gut or appeal the affordable care act. i said this yesterday. let me repeat it. that's not going to happen. i am willing to work with anybody who wants to have a serious conversation about our fiscal future. we're not going to do this under the threat of blowing up the entire economy
FOX News
Oct 1, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, as if that matters. welcome to the world of dueling epock lipss. with the government shutdown and arrival of obama care, it's like two disaster movies at once. one is a smoecommotion, the oth calamity. what is the point of the shutdown? two things, putting off the employer plan date but not the individual. it's not telling passengers to board a boat but the crew is taking a sturdier craft. a little creepy. weren't ow leaders supposed to receive the same health care as the rest of us? not anymore. that got stripped out. so go ahead and blame the right all you want. but with obama the law has been changed more times than a baby with montezuma's revenge. but the real disaster is obama care. the president dismisses it all as just glitches but a glitch is just a problem that happens to someone else. it's what a customer service rep says when it's your service that goes out during the super bowl, not theirs. a glitch is your problem. right now signing up for obama care is so glitch-ridden, success is met with surprise. registering for it is like buying a ticket for the behindenberg as the hirery egg til
FOX News
Sep 30, 2013 2:00pm PDT
of the government. >>> hello, i'm eric bolling. we are waiting for president obama who will approach the podium at the brady press briefing room in the white house. the president is expected to weigh in on the back and forth that's been going on regarding the government shutdown that's supposed to take place at midnight tonight. all day long, house members and senate members have been ping ponging back and forth. discussing what to do with this continuing resolution that will fund the government. whether it's for another week, another month, till the end of the year or going forward. because the house earlier during the weekend on saturday attached an amendment to the senate bill, senate sent it over to the house, the house took the bill, added language that would delay the implementation of obama care for a year, and also added some language as to making sure that congress was also going to have to use obama care going forward. so that bill is voted on in the house. it was passed. they sent it to harry reid in the senate. harry reid categorically rejected the bill. said no way, we're not going
FOX News
Sep 30, 2013 8:00pm PDT
delay the obama care mandate for a year. it would also cut out the exemptions to members of congress and political appointees, in other words they'd have to live under obama care like average americans would as well. house republicans felt like that was a reasonable deal. and senate majority leader reid didn't like it and now house republicans were considering the next play they're planning to send it back to go to conference to work it out. but the majority leader in the senate snot buying it, greta. >> greta: mike, thank you. representative michelle bachmann voting no to the latest version of the bill. nice to see you nice to see you. >> greta: latest point about this cr, very been sort of like jamming everybody about that you get a special deal. tell me how i'm wrong. >> here is the point. federal employees all should be treated the same we have federal insurance like everyone else. members in congress shouldn't have better deal than any other federal employed so we have a percent of the federal government pays of our premium. now, that is going to go away so members of congress w
FOX News
Oct 3, 2013 1:00am PDT
anybody listening in. >> let the mocking begin over obama care. is america becoming a joke all over the world? we will answer that question. ♪ >> bill: also tonight, a professor at notre dame criticizes me for not saying jesus would support obama care in my new book. that professor will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ li, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. obama care not ready for prime time. that's the talking points memo and zeal it in our next segment. but, first, breaking news tonight. late this afternoon, president obama held a meeting at the white house that included congressional leadership and his advisors. with the government shutdown embracing america all over the imbare -- embarrassing america all over the world was anything accomplished? no, nada, nothing with democratics and republicans. cammeron, both sides ran out and blamed the other for not negotiating. what's the truth? >> that's exactly what happened. speaker boehner came out first. he was briefed. he was kind of kurt. seemed a littl
Sep 30, 2013 1:00am PDT
cruz of texas. he has elevated the fight to new levels. >> i intend to fight on the obama care until i am no longer able to stand. >> where does his fight go from here? plus, our political roundtable, joining me msnbc's chris matthews, former governor, john huntsman, and democratic strategist, dee dee meyers, is the nuclear disarmament deal now possible? i'm david gregory, for "meet the press," on sunday, september 29th. >> from nbc news in washington, this world's longest running television program, this is "meet the press." >> and good morning, the fast-moving developments, last night the house of representatives voted to delay president obama's health care law as part of an emergency spending, the president promises to veto, the vote brings the country a step closer to a government shutdown, kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: well, good morning, david you might expect there was action since the government was threatening to shut down tomorrow. but that is not happening, congress is on pause, after working until the wee hours they paid their message clear, but the senate tells me
FOX News
Sep 27, 2013 6:00pm PDT
we are definitely looking out for you. >>> this is a fox news alert. president obama announced just a few hours ago that he's spoken on the phone with iran's new president, hasan rue han ee. he believes a nuclear deal can be reached. welcome to "hannity," i am monica crowley in for sean. president obama made a brief appearance in the white house briefing room and made this announcement. >> just now i spoke on the phone with the president of the islamic republic of iran. the two of us discussed our on-going efforts to reach an agreement over iran's nuclear program. i reiterated to president rue han ee what i said in new york, while there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed, i believe we can reach a comprehensive solution. >> while the commander in chief is open to negotiating with the rogued and terrorist regime in tehran, he is not open to doing so with republican lawmakers. here is what he said today about the looming government shutdown. >> if republicans have specific ideas on how to genuinely improve the law, rather than gut
FOX News
Oct 5, 2013 1:00am PDT
through a white house barrier yesterday. reports say ms. carrie believe barack obama was stocking her she had a history of medical problems. after a wild chase and thenned on the grounds of the capitol building ms. carrie was shot dead by cops. her 1-year-old daughter was also in the car is unharmed. now, like the gunman in the navy yard shooting a few weeks ago, ms. carrie was obviously mentally ill. it is estimated that a whopping 26% of americans suffer from some kind of mental disorder information national serious mental illness. u.s. population of 314 million that's a whole lot of folks. simply no way no country could control mental illness but there is something happening in the world that is exacerbating the problem. most mentally ill people can be constrained to some extent. when they go out of control they can be confined and they know it there are millions walking around jobs family social interactions but who are also desperately ill despite the appearance of normalcy. here is where the change comes. in used to be these folks were isolated there isn't a schizophrenic club or bi
FOX News
Oct 2, 2013 9:00pm PDT
." president obama summoned leaders to the white house but after an hour of talks nothing was accomplished. it was made clear the democrats won't negotiate, not even talk to republicans. watch. >> they will not negotiate. we had a nice conversation, a polite conversation. but at some point we've got to allow the process that our founders gave us to work out. >> he says no. all i want to do is go to conference on a short-term c.r. we have a debt ceiling staring us in the face and he wants to talk about a short-term c.r.? >> our way or the highway. meanwhile over on capitol hill, tempers were flaring with lawmakers shouting. of course irresponsible rhetoric from the left was on full display. the worst example comes courtesy of democratic congressman george miller. watch this display. >> did you think about the parks when you voted to shut down the government? did you think about the impact? the gentleman from montana said it's hurting the local economy. the gentleman from california said the towns around yosemite. was he thinking about that when he voted originally to shut down the governmen
FOX News
Oct 2, 2013 11:00pm PDT
emails without anybody listening in. >> let the mocking begin over obama care. is america becoming a joke all over the world? we will answer that question. ♪ >> bill: also tonight, a professor at notre dame criticizes me for not saying jesus would support obama care in my new -- embarrassing america all over the world was anything accomplished? no, nada, nothing with democratics and republicans. cammeron, both sides ran out and blamed the other for not negotiating. what's the truth? >> that's exactly what happened. speaker boehner came out first. he was briefed. he was kind of kurt. seemed a little bit upset and set he the president wasn't going to negotiate on reopening the government. wasn't going we-to-reopen obama care as part of a deal to reopen government and wasn't going to negotiate on raising the debt ceiling which happens in the middle of this month and really creates a new pivot point. democrats said we are not going to negotiate on that. nancy pelosi and harry reid came out a few minutes later and all too happy to take questions and linger and blame republicans for their unw
Sep 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
over a plan the government passed at midnight on monday. and a dispute over obama care at the send of of it all. the message to congress is do not shut down the government, do not shut down the economy. pay our bills on time. >> if this government shuts down it's because you have not accepted the compromise that republicans reached out to you and offered. >> house republicans stand firm in their attack on obama care. we'll ask kevin mccarthy what's their strategy. >>> then, the next faze of the president's health care law started tuesday when uninsured learns can start shopping for coverage through online marketplaces. >> if you will have ever tried to buy if on your own, this is a lot easier. >> two leading senators debate how obama care will affect you. tim kaine who supports the plan, and mike lee who wants it repealed. and the historic phone call between obama and rouhani. and our american power player of the weekend. >> when i looked out from under my helmet, all of these marines were looking at me. >> hello again from fox news in washington. we're just hours away from a poten
Oct 2, 2013 8:00pm PDT
into shutdown meeting with president obama. did they work out their differences? >> the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. >> my friend, john boehner, i repeat cannot take yes for an answer. >> well, that went well. all sides emerging just as dug in as before. what is the end game here? >> you'd have to ask the group. >> our guest congressman nunez calls his fellow republicans lemmings with suicide vests for their refusal to fund obama care along with the rest of the government. >> i don't understand the strategy. >> this is "shutdown showdown." >> good evening, everyone. i'm jake tapper. welcome to this special half hour of cnn, "shutdown showdown." we're coming to you live tonight from the nation's capitol. the only city in america where you have to work this hard to get absolutely nothing accomplished. we're coming up on 48 hours since the government partially shut down. and if you are a furloughed government worker, do not bother setting your alarm tonight. this mess will not be any closer to a resolution when you wake up. you can be forgiven if you got yo
Sep 28, 2013 3:00pm PDT
obama care. fully implement the president's health care plan and a repeal of a tax on medical devices that help fund it. any house gop plan faces certain death in the senate. harry reid said any bill that would change obama care is unacceptable. we have this whole thing covered for you. we are on top of it, every angel. gloria is standing by. at the capital, chief congretion that correspondent, dana bash standing by as well. gloria, i want to go to you first. why would house republicans push changes to obama care in senate democrats insist, insist it's a nonstarter? >> reporter: well, have you ever heard of a show boat, don? i think that's what this is. precisely because they know that it isn't going to go anywhere in the senate. this gives a republican party, which hans been divided over substance using continuing resolution to defund obama care an easy vote. they can all unite around the fact they don't like the president's health care plan. they know the president's health care plan is not very popular in this country. so they can show a unified front and a vote to defund the presi
FOX Business
Sep 28, 2013 8:00pm EDT
the obama administration has gone in some sign of any prague with the iranians and why mr. obama continues to disappoint world leaders. also tonight, the ken yn government's four-day standoff with terrorists finally ending. ken why's president saying his military has, caught, ashamed and defeated the al qaeda-linked terrorists believed to be responsible for more than 70 murders, the hail of gun fire caught on video. take a look at this. >> firing again. you can probably hear it behind me. it's quite heavy. you got that? yeah. rapid firing and somebody's coming. >> we begin tonight with president obama's new stance on iran. despite the concerns of lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle, and the warnings of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. president obama directed his secretary of state to sit down with his iranian counterpart in the highest level talks held between the united states and iran in more than 30 years. mr. obama cited rowhani's stated desire to chart a more moderate path and to thaw relations between iran and the united states. and respond to direct talks on th
Sep 30, 2013 3:00am PDT
nothing as it relates to obama care. there's a time and place for everything and this is not that time or place. >> so far, majority leader harry reid has essentially told the house of representatives and the american people go jump in a lake. if harry reid forces a government shutdown, that will be a mistake and i hope he backs away from that ledge he's pushing us towards. >> good morning. monday, september 30th, 6:00 in the morning, darkness still over the united states capitol. washington anchor for bb world news america katty kay, former communications for president george w. bush, nicolle wallace, msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark halperin, former treasury official and "morning joe" economic analyst steve ratner, and on capitol hill for us, the reporter for "the new york times" jeremy peters, good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> all kinds of darkness over capitol hill. >> lots of darkness. pick your headline, t"the new york post" says "storm coming," "usa today" "closing time?" . mark halperin, we'll get into the details of what's happening and what's
Oct 5, 2013 12:30pm PDT
in the obama care quote, unquote, individual mandate to buy health insurance. democrats refuse to concede. they want obama care to be unconditionally funded. the result, 800,000 federal workers are idled and services are suspended. both sides are bracing for a backlash and the blame game is on, so, why no compromise? because of what is at stake. namely, a shift in the balance of political power in 2014 after next year's midterm election. we now have a democratic president, a democratic senate, and a republican house. president obama, a democrat, is refusing to negotiate with house speaker boehner, a republican. because mr. obama thinks voter antishutdown backlash will boost the current democratic majority in the senate next year. and possibly result in the democratic taking over of the house of representatives. republicans think a one-year delay in the individual mandate will mean healthy individuals will defer buying insurance. and those with preexisting conditions will rush to sign up. this in turn, means higher insurance premiums in 2014 for everybody. winning this battle with this unf
Oct 1, 2013 8:00pm PDT
pieces isn't obama care. that strategy like those before it going down in flames tonight in the senate. >> even that proposal shows the utter lack of seriousness that we're seeing from the republicans. >> also tonight -- shut down be damned. you try telling the greatest generation they can't visit their own war memorial. >> somebody move the barricade, these were important visitors. >> this is shutdown showdown. >> good evening, everybody. i'm jake tapper. welcome to this special half hour of cnn "shutdown showdown." we're nearly a full 24 hours into this partial government shutdown. all sides have agreed to work out their differences and get things moving again. just kidding. if anything, the rhetoric is even more intractable now that this has actually happened. our poll shows most americans think the lawmakers on both sides of this are acting like a spoiled children which as a father i might say is an insult to spoiled children everywhere. they've gone home after failing to pass targeted piecemeal bills including national parks and claims processing at the department of veterans affa
FOX News
Oct 2, 2013 1:00am PDT
. >> my view and a t view of a great many republicans is obama care is the disaster of a train wreck, a nightmare. >> it is now very personal in the obama care debate as the government is halted. will anyone compromise? senator ted cruz will be here tonight. >> such an amazing person. i'm going to miss him forever. >> the brutal murder of a 22-year-old australian athlete in oklahoma is now becoming more clear. the three teenagers involved all from chaotic homes. we'll tell you what we know. >> the swarm of cycles stops a range rover. a rider takes off his helmet and smashes the window. at some point the tires of the motor vehicle was slashed. >> they attack three in broad daylight. caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm o'reilly. the united states government has shut down. the two sides are digging in. in this corner, president obama who says the affordable health care law will go forward because it was legally passed. in the other corner, speaker of the house john boehner and the republicans who say the law is chaotic and mandatory si
Oct 4, 2013 7:00pm EDT
by pledging no treasury debt default, thereby negates president obama's reckless default fearmongering. it good to have an adult around once in a while. but the markets decided to ignore the fearmongering from team obama and stocks rallied today. it looks like wall street vows boehner and his vow not to allow a default. meanwhile, day four of the government shutdown. no solution in sight. and the unveiling of obama care is continuing disaster. meanwhile we have this late-breaking news. the administration is taking major parts of obama care exchange website offline for large parts of the weekend for, and i quote, maintenance, whatever that means. all these stories and much more coming up. this is "the kudlow report," beginning right now. . >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. now, the current battle over the government shutdown and the debt ceiling deadline may seem like politics as usual, but there is something very different this time around. president obama seems to want to raise the fe
Sep 27, 2013 8:30pm PDT
the opposition to this, him and obama comes from israel, comes from the war party in the united states, the mechanics, washington post, wall street journal, and all of those who don't want the talk between united states and iran. >> what about that? >> lindsay graham has called for authorizing war on iran right now. >> what does it have to do with him and mccann? >> he wants to attack the nuclear facilities and the wholedefensement of iran. >> he campaigned on reengaging with the west. apparently they got the message because he does have running room and the sanctions are crippling. the value of their money has been sanctioned against iran, they are crippling. yes, they want out from under them so they want a nuclear deal. he said we could get a nuclear deal in three months. that's a little ambitious probably, but if they're willing to put a cap on the uranium that they enrich. this is doable. in mid-october, their diplomats are going to meet with katherine ashton, the europeans, john kerry will probably be there. they have already put these confidence building measures out. they're in
FOX News
Oct 3, 2013 9:00pm PDT
of the obama/reid government shutdown and the democrats are refusing to talk with republicans and negotiate an outcome. i will be joined by mike lee. ann coulter joins us tonight. today is day three of the obama care roll out. this administration had years to figure this out. but still the imple men tags has been nothing short of a mess and a failure. to prove this, we have now tasked our very own ainsley errhart. she's been there and she'll try to uh sign up for the president's disastrous health care law, obama care. >> i have been home all day trying to sign up, too. i haven't been able to get in. we'll try it now. health click on the site. here we go. click on health apply now. >> okay. >> click on that. takes a minute. choose your state. i chose first south carolina. this is where i'm originally from. we'll do your state next, sean. you're from new york. this is what you get when you try to apply in south carolina. we have a lot of visitors on the site right now. please stay on this page. we are working to make the experience better. we don't want you to lose your pl
FOX Business
Sep 28, 2013 10:00am EDT
>>> good evening. thank you for being with us. the obama administration reached out and the iranian regime brushed them aside. no handshake, no photo op, no unofficial meetings on the margin. the idea brought to you by the very same president who gave syria numerous red lines and ultimatums before finally putting the decision on whether to attack syria up to a vote in congress. mr. obama has wagged his finger and issued more than just a few ultimatums at home as well. he refuses to meet with republicans. he's eager to have a photo op with the iranians and the president today at the u.n. general assembly declared he's ready to negotiate with iran. they call for the destruction of israel. >> i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's nuclear program that can serve as a major step down a long road towards a different relationship. one based on mutual interests and mutual respect. i've made it clear in letters to the supreme leader in iran and more recently to president rouhani. america prefers to resolve it peacefully. >> the iranians rebalked the president. we'll explore
FOX News
Sep 30, 2013 3:00pm PDT
leaders are not negotiating, house republicans continuing hammering away at obama care. >> we're going to move here in the next several hours to take the senate bill, add to it a one-year delay of the individual mandate on the american people and get rid of the exemption for members of congress. >> the house is going to take a position today reflecting one very fundamental principle that our country stands for. no special treatment for anyone. >> reporter: late today president obama fired back. >> one faction of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon, they stripped a delay of obama care and the repeal of the medical device tax by a party line vote. harry reid described this continuing resolution standoff in playground terms. >> you know, with a bully you cannot let them slap you around because they slap you around today, they slap you five or six times tomorrow. we are not going to be bullied. >> reporter: democrats want a so-called clea
Sep 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
starts right now. have a great day. >>> closing down the government and rolling out obama care. today, debate, division, and deadlines. >> the house republicans are so concerned with appeasing the tea party that they threatened a government shutdown. >>s it the right thick to do to fund the government, avoid a shutdown but not to fund obama care. >> this is it. time has come. >> a spending bill moves from the house to the senate, to the house and back to the senate. legislative ping-pong likely to end in a government shutdown. has anyone got a plan d? we'll ask congresswoman kathy mcmorris rogers, chair of the republican conference. then -- >> what does this open enrollment mean? >> ready, set, go. obama care online. signup starts tuesday. a conversation with two doctors who know a thing or two about politics. senator john verasso and howard dean. and -- >> just now i spoke on the phone with the president of iran. >> it's been more than 30 years between calls. our power house political panel weighs in on whether a short chat between the u.s. and iran can lead to a new dynamic in the m
FOX News
Oct 2, 2013 2:00pm PDT
obama is scheduled to meet with congressional leadership at the white house. and in attendance will be mitch mcconnell, john boehner, harry reid and nancy pelosi. what can be accomplished if everyone's dug in their heels? >> i will not negotiate over congress's responsibility to pay bills it's already rack up. >> republicans' piecemeal approach is a waste of time. it's a dwim gimmick. it's a ploy. it's politic as usual. >> he will not offer concession to republican in exchange for not tanking the economy. so today's meeting is about the need to open the government. >> all right. so eric, is this upcoming meeting, and it's going to happen in about 29 minute, a photo op or a chance for real progress? >> i'm not sure -- personally here's what i think this is what we do, we speculate. i speculate both side will be dug in, entrenched themselves. we're noting if to sign anything, the democrats aren't going to sign anything that's not a clean resolution. they don't want any amendments, any riders. they just want what they've already passed. if they don't get that, they're going to say
Sep 29, 2013 11:00am EDT
, obama at the u.n. >> to resolve our concerns over iran's nuclear program peacefully. although we are determined to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: the president also emphasized caution. >> the roadblocks may prove to be too great, but i firmly believe the diplomatic math must be tested. >> president rouhani was also cautious and critical. at the u.n. he was sharply critical of u.s. foreign policy including the use of sanction on the iranian economy, "these sanctions are violent pure and simple. whether called smart or otherwise, unilateral or multilateral, sanctions beyond any and all rhetoric causes belligerence, human suffering." rouhani also criticized the use of the u.s. drones. "terrorism is a violent scourge and knows no country on national borders. but the violence on extreme actions such as the use of drones against innocent people in the name of the combating terrorism should also be condemned." the israeli government told its diplomats to leave the hall before mr. rouhani spoke. there was no public handshake between rouhani and obama. somethi
Sep 29, 2013 9:00am PDT
obama care. today, debate, division and deadlines. >> the house republicans are so concerned with appeasing the tea party they've threatened the government shutdown. >> it's the right thing to do to fund the government, avoiding the shutdown, but not to fund obama care. >> this is it. time has gone. >> a spending bill moves from the house to the senate to the house and back to the senate. legislative ping pong likely to end in a government shutdown. has anyone got a plan d? we'll ask congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. >>> then -- >> what does this open enrollment mean? >> ready, set, go. obama care open enrollment begins tuesday. former governor howard dean. >>> and -- >> i spoke on the phone with president rowhani. >> our powerhouse political panel weighs in on whether a short chat between the presidents of iran and the u.s. can lead to a potential -- >> parts of the government will shut down unless a deal is reached tomorrow. legislation that will fund the government but also delay obama care. that bill now goes to the senate where democratic leaders say it will be rej
Sep 29, 2013 4:00pm PDT
federal shut down in 17 years. the white house put out this photo of president obama meeting with senior staff. he has been largely out of sight this weekend, though he did work in a round of golf on saturday. at the capital, late last night, house approved amend mtments to fund a bill, that republicans say would avoid a shut down. but democrats insist the bill has no chance, dead on arrival. that's the way they say it in washington. the senate doesn't plan to meet again until tomorrow afternoon. remember, government starts running out of money tomorrow night at midnight. it's been a long weekend, tough talk and debate. sampling of late night discord you may have missed at the capital at last night's debate. >> have you been high jinxed by a small group of extreme folks who simply hate this president. >> the president of the united states will talk to the dictator of teheran but won't negotiate with the house of representatives. >>. >> so come tuesday, open enrollment for obama care gets under way. and is set to run through the end of march. . is as house leaders talk about the healthcar
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